Using a DAppNode with without any OpenVPN whatsovever

Hello everyone. I consider buying a DAppNode after I learned today the hard way how bad centralization is in a supposedly decentralized network.

However reading the documentation it seems like the DAppNode is kinda designed around the fact that you connect via OpenVPN to it. That is unfortunate because I already use Wireguard all the time for private browsing. (Please no discussion about private browsing.) Also quite frankly I would prefer connecting to it via http(s) on my local network even if I wasn’t running Wireguard.

So is it without any downsides in ease of use possible to use a DAppNode on your local network without OpenVPN or does it “suck” because all the apps depend on the local dns serving addresses like “blabla.mydappnode.eth”?

Is it possible to disable the VPN-Capabilities completely since I don’t want to offer others access to my node anyway?

I primarily want to run my own ETH node so I will never be affected by infuria being down again and if possible I want to earn some money on the side by staking. I also would love to start early with ETH2 if possible.

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I believe local https support is on the roadmap. They just have to figure out how to make the certificates more painless. It is definitely possible to disable the VPN on DAppNode and connect only via wifi if your device has wifi AP support (prebuilt DAppNodes all do as far as I know). If you are a more advanced user you can also use ssh etc. but that takes a little more technical work.

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Hi @SebaTra and welcome to our Community Forum!! :cool: :hugs:

As @emansipater has certainly pointed out, we are currently working on it :partying_face:

For further information you can visit this other forum thread, you’ll find a public GitHub issue in it too

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