Ethereum API https?

Is there any chance to provide https in api connections? Even with selfsigned certificates, if they are of any use in that case.
When using Geth, MetaMask doesn’t accept http connection to Geth api. With Nethermind is slightly better - I have an access to network but I can’t see my collectibles, namely my eth domain.
Can I do something else to fix it or troubleshoot?

You caught us red handed!! :raised_hands: :policeman::policewoman:

We have an on-going project (check the issue) to provide DAppNode with functionality to allow users to expose DApps and Services through HTTPS / SSL certificates.

This is kind of a BIG improvement :clap: and we are really delighted with how the development is going!! But there is something more… because we are making it so that user’s won’t have to worry about setting it up, the system will handle the certificates in an unatended way with Let’s Encrypt!!

Ain’t it cool???

Indeed, it’s cool! Especially that I have my own domains :sunglasses: already
Will it work based on DNS or HTTP authentication (acme…?)? It would be also very useful to upload your own pem files (key and cert). I believe it will use “regular” domains and not “eth”?

I’m afraid that I’m not yet aware of any further details of this development despite that it will be based in HTTPS / SSL with Let’s Encrypt as the certificate authority.

Anyway you can check the issue on GitHub to get more information and ask / suggest there any kind of aspects you may be interested in :+1:

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