Prysm Connection Refused after restart

Prysm was fully synced, then after I changed the graffiti, the connection was lost and prysm refused to connect. The firewall and UPnP was working fine until then. I did a port scan within the dappnode and all ports are open. I did an API scan and most ports were reading open but then I did an API scan again and the ports are all closed. Manually forwarding all the ports on the router firewall didn’t fix it. Ufw is not active.
I also installed prysm pyrmont to see if it connected. It did not.

Any ideas what is prevent prysm from connecting?

iptables has the ports 13000tcp 12000udp open as well

I checked if the ports are open with this tool and it is telling me they are still filtered.

This post is related but doesnt fix it. It’s true that Prysm picks a new host port +1 from the last on startup (49162->49163…n+1), but I set the firewall to allow a range a ports to cover that.

Again, this wasnt an issue before the restart so I dont know how the firewall can be causing the issue. I think since me at this guy both messed with graffiti to start the issue, it could be a bug.

Well. I ended up manually changing to host ports of prysm beacon chain to various “original” low number ports that I believe the port was set to before all this restarting. Eventually I got a port that changed the error from connection refused to “invalid headslot undefined”. I restarted a few times trying to fix this error with the same port but never did. I gave up for the day.
I get back into the UI the next day, and prysm and pyrmont are both downloading to sync…

Above my head certainly.

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