"DAppNode Package stopped or unreachable (connection refused)" but attestations are being made

Hi all, I just updated to 1.0.13 and I’m getting this now. I did also update my graffiti just after the update, not sure if that’s related. I also restarted packages and rebooted the machine. Any ideas? Attestations are going through.




So, I just realized Prysm->Network->Public port mappings were missing… ? I re-added tcp 12000 and udp 13000 and restarted Prysm, but still getting the above error.

Here’s what I found - every time I restart Prysm, the host ports for the beacon-chain service were incrementing, resulting in breaking my firewall rules…


This was resulting in reduced attestation effectiveness, whereas before this I’ve always had 100%:

I changed them back and confirmed all TCP & UDP ports with netcat and they are good.

I think this resolved my issue!

Hope it helps someone else-

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