[How-To] Step-by-step Self-Staking Guide [Deprecated]

Edit 20/April/2023:

This guide is outdated! Please watch these videos:

Or for an older but more comprehensive video series:

Everything you need to know carefully explained by our beloved @Lanski


@ruvenni is there a similar guide to launch the testnet? If I understand correctly this is only for the real eth2 staking.

By the way thanks for this guide

It’s mostly the same steps but only replacing the mainnet launchpad for the Pyrmont Launchpad and the validator client for Prysm Pyrmont Client package.


Is this still up to date? I want to start on testnet.

I think it has not changed. However be careful use the Pyrmont Launchpad. As long as you use the testnet you can not make bad mistakes. Go through the lauchpad, read everything carefully. Once the files are generated copy them in the prysm Pyrmont client package. The pyrsm Pyrmond client package works in a slightly different way than the Pyrmont one. In Prysm you’ll have to wait in a queue while in Prysm Prymond it will just hang. Write down the transaction ids so that you can always check what’s going on.

Thank you. I wish Dappnode had some documentation on how to get a node running after the initial Dappnode setup if you bought the hardware.

Thanks a lot for this!

However I fail at step D). When going to the pyrmont web GUI, I am immediately prompted with a window to input the “web prysm password” and not the options to create wallet, etc. No idea what this password is… I have searched quite extensively and I could not find help…

Hi Fred, first thing I just discovered that prymont is deprected. You need to use prater https://prater.launchpad.ethereum.org/en/.

Have you already collected on a metamask wallet goerli ETH from a faucet?

This is the first fundamental step you need to do to run the testnet.

Thanks Aldaril. Let me try Prater then ! I just noticed Prater on Dappstore.
Would be helpful if a note was put on the Dappstore about Pyrmont being deprecated !

PS: yes I have already transfered the 32 goET from the faucet via CLI… Finger crossed :slight_smile:

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You said, “don’t worry , you can add more later” regarding validators. I only chose one.
Can we go to Wagyu key generator and generate another set of mnemonics and keydata , keystore file for subsequent validator to be run on same dappnode? Or do we have to use the same mnemonic?