Dappnode consuming all of my 40mb/s down 15/s up

I’m using a nuc i7 2x16gb ram 2tb ssd and it makes my broadband connection choke up completely to the point where the vpn to the dappnode drops out.

I am running geth and prymont. I have not yet staked on mainnet.

I saw old topics on how to limit the bandwidth. Is that a router setting? Or is there a setting on the dappnode itself i can change?

on my router turning on dynamic QoS has made the internet usable on other devices but i am experiencing issues with the prymont ui and getting validator performance stats. i also think that my validator on prymont may not be attesting blocks correctly

What packages are you running?

I have geth, goerli geth, primont-prysim configured. Prysm mainnet is not yet staked.

I really wish the dappnode dashboard had network adapter usage by network adaptors listed along with disk, cpu and ram usage, then I’d be able to see what is consuming all my bandwidth

have you already tried with Grafana monitor dashboards?

You can set it up downloading DMS and DAppNode Exporter. Use the forum search to find more about.

thanks I will give that a try

@ruvenni the package on the dappnode that was consuming all my bandwidth was IPFS. Pausing IPFS makes the network usable again for the rest of the devices connected via ethernet and wifi even with the dappnode staking on the prymont testnet, but of course pausing IPFS will mean that autoupdate will not work.

Been experiencing more or less the same problem, Updated my internet package to 300 MB download / 30 MB upload and it was still slowing up my network. My question is does the IPFS package do anything besides autoupdate?

The Inter Planetary File System is a peer to peer cloud hosting system that underpins filecoin, aragon package manager and a bunch of other services.

If you put a file on it, then people requesting the file will propagate the file. if people stop requesting the file then the garbage collector removes the copies except your original. IPFS node operators can say your file is important and decide to host a copy too by pinning the file, or you can pay them filecoin to pin it for you.

IPFS is massively useful, but it is a bandwidth hog.

This very forum uses IPFS to host images and uploads. like this image of a 9cm slab of gemstone quality chemical vapor deposition synthetic diamond I stole from wikipedia.

Thanks for the detailed response! Unfortunately disabling the IPFS package didn’t appear to solve my bandwidth problems.

Hi everyone, just letting you know we have recently updated IPFS package to Version: 0.2.13 (v0.7.0 upstream)

This new version includes a wizard in the config you could check after updating http://my.dappnode/#/packages/ipfs.dnp.dappnode.eth/config

It may come in handy to troubleshoot and fix your bandwith issues :wink:

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Awesome thanks! I will give it a try!

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Did you try it to update and set a proper profile @jin?