Brand new Dappnode advanced from the official store asking for a login and password. what is it?

I bought a brand new Dappnode Advanced from the official Dappstore recently.
As background, I have no computer science experience - just doing this as a lockdown project.
When I went to start my Dappnode it asked for a Log in and Password but this was not provided with the instructions? I have not set one up previously as i’m literally starting from scratch. What am I missing here. Hopefully it is something simple?

This might help

thanks for getting back.
I have connected to the Wifi! Hurray.
Good grief, now what?
Few questions:

  1. Do I have to download OpenVPN? If so can I do it via my mobile? Or is it better through a computer?
  2. Do I have to do something with changing Ports?
  3. Where is the QR code found to link to openVPN?
  4. Do I have to change my DNS settings in system preferences?

I have no idea what any of these things do. If I get this running it will be a credit to Dappnode. This is going to be quite a project for me. Im happy to write all the problems I experience up so that maybe one day I can help others, who arrive from non tech backgrounds.

hey, congrats!

  1. Yes you have to download it. Does not mind from which device you connect to your dappnode. The requirement is one device per credentials

  2. Yes you have. Enable UpNp, this should open ports 1194 and 8092 (double check)

  3. You can get the QR code or the link to download the VPN file in:

  • Connect to your dappnode via wifi and go to: devices > get link
  • You can also get your QR code when after dappnode installation, in the terminal using the command: dappnode_connect
  1. No you dont, dappnode already takes care of the DNS.

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