What are DAppNode's default login credentials?


I bought a DAppNode box. At startup, the system asks for a username and password to login, what should I enter? (first login)


If you bought a DAppNode box, you probably don’t need this step at all. If you follow the instructions in welcome.dappnode.io you should be able to set up your DAppNode just by plugging it to your router via Ethernet cable and powering it on.

It will generate a WiFi hotspot (you will need to scan for WiFi networks from your laptop or phone).

OS Login Credentials

If you want to access it with a screen and keyboard (only for advanced users and troubleshooting, most people should be fine following the steps at welcome.dappnode.io), or via ssh, these are the default username and password:
user = dappnode, password = dappnode.s0

Important: A prompt requesting the user to change the password is shown the first time the DAppNode ADMIN UI is accessed from the browser.
Password may not be dappnode.s0 anymore if you have already changed it then.

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