Workshop DAppNode from 0

Next Thursday 26th November, a workshop in Spanish will be given from the Meetup Ethereum Sevilla installing DAppNode from 0, if you know someone who might be interested you can share the link with them. It will be 100% practical, the idea is to teach people how to install and configure DAppNode for later Meetups to be able to do workshops for ETH2.0. Help us to decentralize the web!!!

It is not necessary to register in Meetup, if you want to enter the workshop directly, it will be online, from the Twich channel of the ColmenaLabs_svq, if there is any problem with the broadcast, we will use the Youtube channel.


Hey @wimel! It sounds super COOL!!

Thanks for hosting the event and also letting us know about. I’m gonna share it internally with the team too!!

We will see ways to promote it, or help somehow. In order to do that we’d like to know if it will be held in English or Spanish.

Hey thanks a lot! The event will be 100% in Spanish :sweat_smile:, no prior knowledge is required, an installation will be done from 0.

What time is the event tomorrow?