Will running a validator require a full sync of ETH 1.0?

Planning to stake and run an ETH 2.0 validator when available on DAppNode - I’m curious if running a full sync of the ETH 1.0 chain will be required (on DAppNode specifically). I understand from the documentation that utilizing an API such as Infura is fine (although not necessarily recommended); does the DAppNode provided remote repository satisfy that requirement? The ETH 1.0 chain seems to be the most resource-heavy aspect of running a validator, so any indication on this would be much appreciated.

Hi there @emjicy!

As you said, it is necessary for the Beacon Chain to connect to an ETH1 Endpoint, but you don’t have to run this node on your DAppNode. You can change the RPC endpoint by changing the value as shown below:

Just a quick update to show it also works with Prysm DAppNode Package

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