Will i need more space?

look like i didn’t understand the disk size needed for dappnode !
can i drop geth full node and use another client in full node that will need less space ?

close :slight_smile:

I have a similar situation. Today I switched the repo to use the Geth light client. This gives you the option of removing the existing Geth volume. So the good news is I now have plenty of drive space, but the bad news is that the light client never succeeds in syncing. In fact it just seems to hang so that my node is stuck just using the remote.

Syncing light client nodes may take some time. Could you paste here the logs so I can give you better support?

My syncing issue was resolved per another thread. Updating to the latest Geth package was the fix. I do have one other question though regarding OP’s space question. Having switched to the light client and re-synced, I notice that the Geth volume is still taking up 350 GB. I thought that the light client would use significantly less drive space than a full Geth node, but it appears to be almost the same. Am I missing something?

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