Where are all Prysm files stored on the Dappnode?


I am staking on Pyrmont testnet with Prysm.
What I am trying to do, is to Increase eth2 beacon chain peer count. Following the guide on coincashew website I should edit file with command:

“sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/beacon-chain.service”

but this file can’t be found. I was looking through all files on the pc where dappnode is installed and can’t find any Prysm related files.
How can I do so and where are those files stored? Will appreciate your help

Guide I have mentioned:

What you are trying to do could be achieved much more simply in DAppNode!

According with Prysm documentation, there is a flag available for the beacon-chain called: --p2p-max-peers. So I guess there are two ways of doing this: creating the config file you mentioned or adding the flag I mentioned to the binary.

Usually, in DAppNode packages there is an option called EXTRA_OPTS available in config view. This option allows users to add flags to the binary of the package and set custom options.

You could go to Packages > my packages > Pyrmont > Config > show advanced editor > EXTRA_OPTS . Add the value --p2p-max-peers without deleting the default values (if there were)

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Thanks for the reply! Yes, there is such option and when I added --p2p-max-peers=100, peers count increased. So how does it actually works? Once I update the value of EXTRA_OPTS, Prysm Pyrmont client will restart taking all flags in the field into consideration?
Do you think it’s also possible to do it in the second way, by creating this config file? Just in case.

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Hi there! sorry for the delay
Yes, I guess it would be possible to create this config file but much more user-friendly to use the EXTRA_OPTIONS that dappnode provides you

Inmediately after setting EXTRA_OPTIONS your package will take those flags in consideration.

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