What's your DAppNode Hardware?

Show the world your rig :control_knobs: :gear: :rocket:

Inspired by this tweet by Ligi

Or this other one by Nodar… who even put it to Mining!

Show us your rig!


Cool - happy to have inspired this. Btw. our DappNode is in a chapel of the church of consensus. See a small video here: https://twitter.com/mr_ligi/status/1263740943569686528

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I need to go to pray the next time I go to Berlin :smile:


I have just bought DAppNode Advance. Very happy with it.

Would it be enough 16GB RAM to run geth full node, beacon chain and validators in the production environment?

I am a little bit worried because right now the prysm beacon chain is taking 4GB RAM and geth full node is taking 9GB RAM. So how much will take the beacon chain in the production environment?


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Hi friends, will a 512gb SSD be large enough to run a Geth full node plus validators through phase 2?

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Yes, it is enough. Geth full node is 270GB and validators and very small.

Glad to heard that!

Would it be enough 16GB RAM to run geth full node, beacon chain and validators in the production environment?

I hope and I think so, but let me share some things:

  • At the moment we don’t know how much memory will be necessary to run the beacon-chain in the future and it’ll also depend on the client, but for now it seems to be enough with 4GB as you can see.

  • About the validator, we’ve seen that it won’t be a problem, even 200 validators consume very little resources (~50MB)

  • Geth allows you to limit its ram consumption with the flag --cache, for instance in this EF post they use 4096 to limit the memory to 4GB (I haven’t tried to use a lower value than this). If you want to configure it in your DAppNode you just have to go here and add --cache=4096 as EXTRA_OPTS environment variable

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I’m a little worried about Geth’s growing, I hope that soon it’ll be closer to openethereum.

You can follow the growing of both on etherescan

This are the current numbers (~90GB difference):

Screenshot 2020-05-24 at 19.48.03


Thanks for the info!

If at some point the chain size exceeds our hardware would we be able to switch to the remote node and run as a light client?

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yes, you can do it at any time.

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My Hardware is an old OptiPlex 9020 which I upgraded to 32 GB of RAM and one SSD of 2TB

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NOICE. Dang, I need to get my game up.

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haha, it was a gift. In the company of a friend they had that machine, which is very noisy, nobody wanted it and it was also amortized, so I guess it was a win-win :grin:

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Like very much this kind of threads of sharing builds!

I had the goal to run an ethereum archive node. I did in 2019 but the ethereum state ate the 4TB SSD. More storage was required so I took a machine that was running a Hackintosh and rebuild it for running a DAppNode with a GETH Archive node, that’s 4.37TB and growing!


Here’s how it looks and what is made of:

Case: Corsair Carbide Air 240 wh mATX
Mother board: Gigabyte GA-H170N-WIFI
CPU: Intel Core i3-6320 3900GHz 1151 BOX
RAM: Crucial 32 GB DDR4-2133

7.7 TB Samsung PM983 MZ 4 lb 7 T 6 HMLA
Reads ~3GB/s(max) and writes ~2GB/s (max)
Purchased from ebay!


Note: NGSFF SSD and M.2 SSD have different electric pinout. They are incompatible between them.
more info

Host Adapter for SSD
PCIe 3.0 4X a SSD M.3 - M3 30110 NVMe NGSFF 12V -
purchased from eBay! here

Cooling System:
Corsair Hydro H60 Kit

How’s the performance?
synced up geth archive in 13 days.

It felt like the CPU was struggling (Intel i3 2 cores only!) and SSD was capable of more; reading and writing at ~400MB/s:

Now running:
· Swarm
· Geth
· Prysm Witti
· Prysm Onyx
· Goerli

Current performance:


What’s the temperature?
between 25ºC-50ºC

Thanks to the entire DAppNode team and Josep for their help on building this machine!


I am in LOVE with this machine.


I maintain two DappNodes, one for the community (in ColmenaLabs_svq) and one for myself. Both are recycled equipments, the ColmenaLabs is a recycled server and my personal DappNode is a " Frankenstein" build by me using old pieces from a PoW computer.
Specs from Colmena’s DappNode:
CPU: x2 Intel® Xeon® CPU L5640 @ 2.27GHz
Disks: x2 SSDs 2TB + 1HDD 2TB for backups

Specs from my personal DappNode:
CPU: Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1246 v3 @ 3.50GHz
Disks: x2 SSDs 2TB
Motherboard: Asrock H81 Pro BTC R2.0
For the dissipation of my personal DappNode I have used Noctua, yes, they are ugly but they have good air flow and after more than 2 years working 24/7 they don’t make strange “noises”.


I love it! But, excuse me… 60GB Ram?! I hope you’re running something big there! Jejeje

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Running the modules

  • Dappnode Exporter
  • Dms
  • Goerli Geth
  • Prysm Onyx Beacon Chain
  • Prysm Onyx Validator

on a MacMini (Version 2011, 2.3 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5), 8GB RAM, 240 GB SSD.
Waiting for activation of 8 validators.

Monitor by now:

  • Available Memory:5.294 GiB
  • Free Swap:7.912 GiB
  • Free Storage: 207 GiB

Excited to see the changes when the validators are activated.


I have many nodes… I don’t want to spoil news so I’m just going to show one of them.
Other development nodes are VPSs :roll_eyes:

I’m also planning to add an old skull canyon to the list

This one is a GIGABYTE (NUC like)
CPU: i5-8250U
SSD: 2x 500GB

A bashtop runnig BOINC to help covid19 research: