What Windows CLI to download from the Github for ETH 2.0 Mainnet?

I鈥檝e got confused a little bit :upside_down_face:
I need to download Windows CLI amd64 from the Github page Releases 路 ethereum/eth2.0-deposit-cli 路 GitHub for the Mainnet client.
Near the the first one, (v1.1.0) Pyrmont testnet is mentioned (eth2deposit-cli-ed5a6d3-windows-amd64.zip).

The second one v1.0.0 (eth2deposit-cli-9310de0-windows-amd64.zip) mentions Mainnet.

But, even on launchpad tutorial for the Mainnet, the first one (v1.1.0) is on the picture.

So for the Mainnet client should I use the second one (v1.0.0), or I can use any of them? :thinking:

I got it myself. It should be v1.1.0, just I need to use attribute, as said:
--chain mainnet

Full command line is:
./deposit new-mnemonic --chain mainnet

But best is just to go as Launchpad say:
CLI Mainnet Instructions

Maybe could be useful for someone.
So follow carefully the instructions. :slightly_smiling_face:

The tool is the same for Testnet or Mainnet you just change the flag at the end for the platform you鈥檙e on.

p.s the command is 鈥./deposit new-mnemonic --chain mainnet鈥

No space in 鈥榤ainnet鈥

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Thanks @AJR .
Than was terrible typing mistake :worried: It is corrected now :+1:
Good thing is, that CLI won鈥檛 let you continue if you do not type a network name correctly, so you can use only mainnet, zingen, medalla, and few more commands鈥 :slightly_smiling_face:

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