What is the best way to configure IPFS for fastest Dappnode Dapp Downloads?

Hello All -

I’m something of a Dappnode power user, and I now have 5 Dappnodes running on the same local network.

When a new package is released, I have to go to each Dappnode and download the packages one by one. (I could use auto-updates, but I don’t like to do that for production infrastructure.) I find it often takes several minutes for each dappnode to find the new files and download them.

I would like to set up something where the IPFS apps on my dappnodes are linked together, so that after the 1st dappnode downloads the app, it will immediately be available over the local network to the other dappnodes.

So far I have successfully managed to link all 5 dappnodes together by going to the IPFS UI and manually adding peers to each one using each one’s local IP address and its IPFS Peer ID.

Is this all I need to do? Will the 1st dappnode download the file and store it locally when I install it for the first time?

Also, is there an IPFS Peer ID and location for the primary Dappnode repository? I would like to add it as a peer so that my dappnodes will look there first.


I wanted to add information about a resource I just discovered: Remote Pinning Services

It says this can be helpful when “You run more than one IPFS node, and would like to use one or more of those nodes as your preferred location for permanent storage.”

I’m wondering if I can use one node as my local pinned service, and have the other nodes look to it for downloads.

I’m also wondering if I can mirror the Dappnode pinned service, to ensure i have all the dappnode dapps.