VPN connection problems

While trying to Connect to Dappnode (custom NUC) for OpenVPN file download, cant connect, get this error. Why?

Was working a few days, and was connecting, but after one NUC reboot VPN access disappeared.
Is there any way to connect to UI withpout VPN? Or how to reset something ( from console) for that VPN connectivity?

Have you already tried to connect using the NUC built in wifi hot spot??
SSID and credentials here: https://welcome.dappnode.io/

Connected to NUC’s internal WIFI.
When I enter in browser: my.dappnode/#/devices
I get this:
This site can’t be reached.
my.dappnode’s server IP address could not be found.

Can you please have a look for any issues in the auto-diagnose checklist? (if available)

How I would be able to do this? I have NO access yet to UI :slight_smile:
Can I somehow connect to a certain IP ( via WIFI link)?

You may try to reach the UI in in that case.

OK, IP connection done. In AUto-diagnose I see 2 errors
#2 IPFS is not resolving - error verifying. IPFS failed to fetch
#3 Can’t connect to internet and fetch own public IP

but all cables are OK, Internet acccees from other devices on this LAN good. Ping to loc LAN adr of the node is fine, stable <1ms. What we do next?

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