Upgrading storage on Dappnode NUC


I’m running Turbo Geth and quickly coming up to my 1TB limit on my NUC. I’m wondering what’s the best and recommended way of adding more storage to my NUC to run multiple packages (Eth1 and Eth2)

I saw this thread which I think should help me change the directory I’m using, although I’m a little unclear on how to designate a new drive as I’m not too familiar with linux/CLI.

Also, I was wondering what was the best way to approach this, if it’s a SSD attached to a USB cable, or if I should only run say Turbo Geth on the other drive and keep the others on the NUC SSD.

Any particular brand or setup you’d recommend?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @Lauracroft213 and welcome to our Community Forum!! :wink::cool:

Even if you are familiar with the CLI the steps in the thread are kind of error prone so you’d be careful if you ever try because there is no magic bottom to go back… :skull_and_crossbones:

Unfortunately that’s not an option either. Check this thread regarding it: Multi-drive Support?

Anyway I think there’s some space to take action here. As far as I know, current disk sizes for Ethereum 1.x mainnet with Geth are around:

Even running an archive node in Geth is lighter than Turbogeth, if this thread is not wrong. (I wasn’t aware until you brought this question up)

Thanks @ruvenni!

If I understand your answers correctly, Im still not sure exactly what to do. I don’t care to have certain packages on one disk and some on another, but I would be happy if I could just plug in an additional SSD and have that be recognized by the system.

Is that possible?

If it isn’t, it seems like I’ll either have to replace the main 1TB internal storage with a 2TB one, or stop using Turbo Geth and use regular Geth until you guys are able to support additional storage drives?

Is that right?


I think you do. That’s really up to you but maybe running a different client or trying to make sure if TurboGeth is working ok, or if it’s expected to get lighter in the near future are a good way to start.

As I said in the other thread supporting external SSD management in DAppNode’s UI it’s on our roadmap but unfortunately we won’t be able to address it anytime soon.

Ok, thanks for the heads up.

I guess I’ll run Geth for now.

It definitely would be a killer feature that I’d love to see and give me a lot more flexibility over what to run so hopefully you guys get around to it sooner than later, but I understand there’s probably a million things on your plate right now with the eth2 launch coming up.

Thanks for your help

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