Upgrade of packages

I’m new to crypto and I’m at the beginning of my learning curve. That’s why I find whole dappnode project as very useful.
But I would like to know whether there’s any upgrade scheme for included packages. For example nethermind is more than a few releases behind: 1.8.105 vs 1.9.14…

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Hi @listhor and welcome to our community! :wave:

Thanks for bringing this up to us, it is something that clearly requires an improvement and good news is that we are already working on it!! YAY!!

Personally I’m creating a table to gather the status on packages, versions, upstream versions etc as a first step. Later all the team will think together what are the UI changes to make easier for users get all this at a glance. Aaand finally we will do the code magic to make it available :tada:

We are a small team so we will appreciate any suggestions if you have any :upside_down_face:


Thanks @ruvenni for prompt reply. I’m not pushing, only I would like to know it before I fully commit myself to dappnode :sunglasses:
Is there any difference between updates available through GUI and cli command:
sudo wget -O - https://installer.dappnode.io | sudo UPDATE=true bash
I mean early access when using cli?
Personally, I would prioritize updates by security (especially those like RTL) and packages popularity.
Thanks again for your efforts!

I have a small problem with RTL package - after a few hours from start, it consumes 50% of CPU. Is there a chance for quicker update? Current version in dappnode is also old one: 0.8.1-beta vs 0.11.1-beta or 0.11.0,

Hi @listhor!

As I shared in the other thread, maybe you could be one of our champions?! :1st_place_medal:

Hi again @ruvenni! By no means I’m so called IT specialist. I can call myself maybe “advanced user”, I can run containers and build simple dockerfiles and docker-compose, not much more; therefore I think I’m not right person to maintain package. Maybe I could test them in separate VM, at most…

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