Update other et2 clients on dappnode

Hi all!

Is there any update regarding other eth2 clients on Dappnode? I would love to see lighthouse, teku or nimbus as an alternative to Prysm.
A timeline / estimate would be great, since that greatly influences my choice to proceed now with Prysm or go for the alternative and possible wait…


Hey DApper!
It truly depends now on Lighthouse releasing their UI. As soon as that’s possible to run on DAppNode, we’ll include it as an option.

The rationale behind adding or not the different clients is whether they provide a UI or not. DAppNode’s philosophy is to avoid command line for better UX - so it is a precondition to have a UI to be integrated with DAppNode.

Following on the above, I don’t think Teku has plans for a UI. Regarding Nimbus, I believe it has a mid-long term plan of being integrated with the status app - for which I believe it would be possible to create a DNP (don’t take my word for it).

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Thank you for your replay Lanski!

Regarding Lighthouse, I got a similar reaction on the ethstaker discord, without an concrete estimate when this is implemented. So for now, I think I want to go with Prysm. I understand Dappnode’s philosophy when it comes to having a UI without the need for a command line.

This makes it pretty clear to me, so lets start staking!
Thanks man!

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