Tunnelblick VPN Issue: Public Address Not Different After Connecting

After connecting with Tunnelblick on (MacOS 11.1) to my server hosting dappnode (on Ubuntu), I’m getting the following error messages:

After connecting to DAppNode_VPN, DNS does not appear to be working. This may mean that your VPN is not configured correctly.

Please note that on my mac I have not setup any special DNS servers.

I’m also getting this error message:

This computer’s apparent public IP address was not different after connecting DAppNode_VPN. It is still 75.X.X.X. This may mean that your VPN is not configured correctly.

Periodically, the Tunnelblick connection seems to interfere with regular browsing traffic as it disconnects and reconnects.

Below is my port forwarding setup on my router:

port forwarding

Please advise.

Thank you!

In order to check if it is a tunnelblick issue or dappnode issue, I would try to use another client, for example, some client on the mobile phone.

I get the same error message when I start OpenVPN on my Mac OSX 10.14.6. I’m also running Little Snitch on the mac. My Mac is connected to the internet by wifi, not by ethernet. It also takes some fiddling with both Tunnelblick and the wifi service on the Mac just to establish the OpenVPN connection. I have to quit Tunnelblick, restart it, turn off the Mac’s wifi, turn it back on, all in various orders, to get the OpenVPN connection going.

With wifi connected on my iPhone, I can get no OpenVPN connection using my home wifi. I can connect the iPhone in two ways, however. First way: I turn off the iPhone’s wifi, and OpenVPN will then promptly connect via my cellular provider. Second way: I can switch the iPhone wifi service to the Dappnode wifi emitted from the node itself (Intel NUC). However, I have to be close enough to the node to establish that connection (and since this is a direct connect to the node, OpenVPN is not involved). Therefore, I suspect that these connection issues are related to my home wifi network. My wifi transmitter is an Orbi RBR850. Troubleshooting the OpenVPN/home wifi connection issues is above my paygrade, in my estimation.

@zuzu When you connect through WIFI, is that the DAppNode’s own WIFI hotspot or the router’s? If you are connected to the DAppNode’s WIFI connecting to the VPN on top is not recommended and causes known errors. I would recommend to connect through WIFI when you are close to your DAppNode and use the VPN only when you are away and in an external network.

Hi, thanks for responding. I have connection inconsistencies using Tunnelblick with my home wifi network. I don’t use Tunnelblick with the wifi hotspot on the dappnode. For that, I just connect directly, with no problems.

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