Trustlines 3rd Validator Auction

Our partner for the Nodes for Good program, the Trustlines Foundation is running its 3rd Validator Auction to find validators for the Trustlines Network.

This is important for DAppNode users because they can validate pretty effortlessly thanks to the Trustlines Validator Package. This way, all of us can contribute to financial & economic inclusion by supporting the Network!

In order to be able to participate in this auction you will need to:

Process summary

  1. Send a DM to @tl_validator Twitter account with your email address
  2. The collection of email addresses ends at a later specified date
  3. A check of Proof of Sociality is performed
  4. If you are in the Proof of Sociality pool, you will get an email
  5. The email will have a link to a survey where you will be able to provide your Ethereum address
  6. The submitted Ethereum addresses then get compiled into a list. This list will be the whitelist and will allow you to bid in the validator auction

Read everything about it in their own post:

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