Tor is there a package?

is there a package with Tor? how to use it with bitcoin?

Bump - I’m starting to set up lighting, would be nice to have a way to run the bitcoin node on Tor - is there a way on dappnode?


Hi there!

New Lightning network is cooming soon! I am taking care of this dappnode package and updating it to the latest version.

If I remember correctly there was an option to add to Lightning and run it under tor, would you like this feature to be added to the DAppNode package Lightning network so users would have the possibility to use this option?

Hi pablo,

Sorry for the delay - thank you - would love to see the tor option here. I’m working through Antonopoulos’ book GitHub - lnbook/lnbook: Mastering the Lightning Network (LN) and it seems highly recommended by him and others for security. Thanks so much-