Team page for greater transparency

I would really love to see all team members of DappNode with an short description about the main tasks. A link to twitter would be nice as well. I think this could improve transparency and trust.

Nice-to-have: A “hall of fame” with people / teams with valuable contributions to the DappNode environment.


task list is really needed. there are no medalla packages and the genesis is very close

Somewhere down the line, there’s a revamp of the whole website (soon™!). I think it’s an excellent idea to put a “valuable contributors” section! Regarding the “Team”, it’s pretty public who we are and we don’t see it as a priority, but can be considered. As far as I know, no team member at this point has a special preference for anonymity or pseudonimity.

@kem A “Task List”… I’m not quite sure what you mean. Do you have any examples from other projects?

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i did not say right. thank you for the medalla package. i mean a list of next packages or features will be. before medalla we could not tell if it was at the top or middle of the list to get done.

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