Tailscale integration

Would be really cool to see tailscale integration. I run an umbrel node and it has tailscale. Tailscale is just really good at busting through just about any firewall. Makes it easy to connect to my node from anywhere. Would be really cool to see it setup for my dappnode.


Definitely a +1 from me.

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here is the umbrel integration. umbrel-apps/tailscale at master · getumbrel/umbrel-apps · GitHub

would do a manual command line install for myself if i had the docker skills

dappnode uses wireguard… so as i understand it (unless you meshed each docket instance) is that the primary instance can only have one wireguard implementation

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I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to docker. Perhaps it would require choosing tailscale or wireguard. Looks like Umbrel has tailscale implemented via docker - umbrel-apps/tailscale at 6b915bae684e549672845a8b70684c643f5a6d02 · getumbrel/umbrel-apps · GitHub

Looks interesting! I don’t know much about tailscale but it seems it’s a tool built on top of wireguard?

In this case, someone just needs to start poking with it and create a dappnode package for it.

Then there’s the concern of the license… seems that with the free license for each user should suffice, but would need a bit of extra config too.

Any of you up to building a package? :wink:

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