System performance query

Hi guys,

QQ. Does the RAM load here seem normal? I’m currently in the queue to be activated on the Medalla testnet so there’s no real load on the Validator at the moment. The memory installed is Crucial 16GB DDR4-2666! image|690x250

Hi @AJR,

We’d better check how come is it happening. I suggest to do the following:

  • Download and install Dms package from the DAppStore. Dms is a system monitor very useful to diagnose how the DAppNode is behaving.
  • Go to DMS > Graphana > DAppNode Monitor or you can open this link

Then you will be able to see what packages are consuming more RAM memory.

Cheers @ruvenni, I’m just in the middle of re-synching the Medalla Beacon Chain, once that’s finished I will take a snapshot.

At the moment it’s showing the Geth package as being the most memory intensive. But I will check again after the Beacon Chain has synched.

I’ve migrated to the Pyrmont package now but the Geth memory usage seems quite high??

(I restarted at 9am after updating to the latest Pyrmont package which is still not working)

Everything is looking Green now running Pyrmont

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