Synching my dappnode with goerli, xdai nevermind

How long does it take to synch Goerli, nethermind and xdai. my dappnode is synchin for a month now. thank you

Support is best found on our Discord server, but that is way too long. please contact and ask for support on our Discord, but Netheremind xDai should take a couple days max, goerli should be like a day or less, mainnet should be maybe 3 days depending on the chosen client and sync method. All dependent on your network connection obviously but each client and sync mode can be drastically different and depends on your hardware resources as well. disk speed, CPU, RAM etc. if you’re not using NVMe’s then that can explain the speed issue and some chains may never sync, need fast SSDs minimum and syncing all chains at once takes much longer.

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