Switching from Prysm to a Minority Client

So there is a lot of buzz right now about switching away from Prysm to a minority client, to reduce the risk of a super majority. Has anybody done this in dappnode? Any pointers on how to do it safely?

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I’m also interested in this. Quick search from my side; seems to be no other option besides prysm (at least “easy” option).

Going to chime in that I would love to see this too. I know some folks have mentioned you can hit a CLI and map things together via CLI, but I would love to see (Even be willing to pay for) a package as easy to set up on DappNode like Prism is.

FWIW, I think the number of us using DappNode compared to RocketPool, Lido, Coinbase, etc.) is relatively small, but every little bit helps!

Dappnode is working hard on that. You’ll hear about multi client support soon.


hey! thanks for pushing DAppNode in the right direction. We are working in eth2 client diversity, there will be released soon

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