Suggestion For UI Improvements

Hello everyone, we are all familiar with the DAppNode interface,
I would like to suggest some features to be implemented, totally extra but useful / helpful.
This might be in the timeline but still want to express my suggestion to improve.

Hardware resources, as we all know the current package offered on DAppNode is quite a handful and more to be added in the future.

Currently On the System > Info

This is the current UI

Suggestion is to add a breakdown of currently required CPU / RAM / Disk Space of individual packages and what’s available.

CPU Total = 8 | Used - 1 on GETH | 1 on Mysterium | 4 on Pocket
CPU available = 2
RAM Total = 32gb | Used - 16gb on GETH | 1gb on Mysterium | 8gb on Pocket
Ram available = 7gb
Disk Space Total = 4000gb | Used - 650gb on GETH | 0.05gb on Mysterium | 450gb on Pocket
Disk Space available = 2899.95gb

You may consider running these node based of your hardware availability
Tip - leave at least 1500 gb for GETH if you are running a eth validator, the blockchain is growing at "x"gb per day.
Optional - You may want to consider adding ram / nvme at DAppNode official store, then DAppNode starts selling rams / nvme “just a suggestion”

Packages Suggestion
When we are about to install a new package we will see something like this

On the package interface
Let user know that this package is for running a node with or without financial incentive.
If there is a financial incentive to run that package.
State - To get rewards you are required to stake “x” of token and information “linked”
Linked towards their official faq / staking rewards / penalty or DAppNode’s guide letting user know that this node / package they are about to run requires “x” token and staking period / lock up / cooldown and impact towards the network.

Package interface is to let users running DAppNode do find out opportunities offered in the ecosystem and some research / resources for user to consider & this will help with future partnership with projects out there. DAppNode is not only a few click set up node, but it’s a education hub to help beginners / help project to simplify the set up process of their project.

System > Info is just an additional implementation for users / junkies like me that wants to run almost everything that can have financial value for my computing resources to help the network.