Staking on Avalanche Node: Wallet UI vs Offical AVAX Wallet

So my Avalanche package is finally synced and I’m trying to stake/validate now.

Can someone explain what the difference between the wallet in “http://avalanche.public.dappnode/” and the official wallet at “” ?

I hesitate to enter my passphrase in the Avalanche Package’s Wallet UI because it’s not even secure (HTTP vs HTTPS).

Why wouldn’t it be possible to simply assign my AVAX Node ID in the Official AVAX Wallet in order to start staking?

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I used to validate too. Using the package wallet is all on your own server/DAppNode that’s why it’s safe. Hence HTTP not HTTPS. I actually stopped validating so as to free up AVAX to sell I’m below the 2000 threshold so I can’t validate anyway. Well this is how it got explained to me. I still think putting a mnemonic in is totally unacceptable. They are creating a NEW wallet. You could link a ledger up to it though.

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Thank you Blackswan!

Yes I agree entering a mnemonic is unacceptable especially without HTTPS. I’m running this node at home and I don’t have the greatest confidence in my network security. Hence, my reluctance to use the local wallet with no encryption. TBH, I don’t know how Ledger works in terms of wallets and in this particular situation.

But I was just wondering if there was an advantage in using the local wallet vs. going to the official wallet and entering my Node ID to start staking.

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