SMTP setup in Grafana / grafana.ini

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How do I configure notifications on the grafana? I get the message “SMTP not configured, check your grafana.ini config file’s [smtp] section” when I try to setup mail notifications. I couldn’t get telegram to work either… It sounded like just editing grafana.ini in the grafana instructions is not going to work on a docker container? Thanks

I did not test SMTP alerts but I set up Grafana alerts on telegram and I explained it on this guide DappnodeTroubleshooting/ at main · Colm3na/DappnodeTroubleshooting · GitHub
Can you try this way?

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Thank you - this worked - got pagerduty setup and all is well. I had several hours where my node went offline and I didn’t know about. I setup an alert on network i/o panel, so hopefully next time I will be better prepared. Thanks again!

Don’t forget that you have the feature of setting up telegram notifications on the DAppNode UI, you can do it following this guide Set up your DAppNode Telegram bot - #3 by pablo

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