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So we have been discussing in the discord the situation surrounding the slashing protection.db file. First, does the prysm dappnode package contain this data? If so, can it be exported and imported?

The prysm discord channel had a lot of back and forth between someone who had to switch machines and did not import this data. To my understanding, this file has the history of what blocks were voted on by your validator to prevent double voting. If you had a situation like this, I don’t see how you could run into issues unless you immediately start the same validator on another machine without waiting 15 minutes. Most agreed that this would be fine; however, it was then brought up that you could be voting on a fork of the chain and this could cause issues as the fork could go on for an extended period of time.

Any clarity on this matter would definitely help put some minds at ease over in the discord channel.


The DAppNode backup/restore feature is going to include the slashing database to prevent double voting in case you need it for any circumstance - for instance if you have to switch machines.

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Hi Ruvenni,
Considering there is no way to schedule a routine backup with this method, what would you recommend to be sure we have the necessary backup in case the Dappnode SSD fails? Should we do a routine backup with something like rsync?

We have already published our recommendations here

Thank you but this doesn’t really offer a solution regarding how to do a routine backup? How often do you recommend to backup at least the slashing protection DB?

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