Sharing thoughts on backing up / restoring. What's needed?

Hi there!! :wave:

There has been some comments in the community chat, started by @dylan, @emansipater and @jordimorris about backing up data which we find very interesting.

It is something we really like to better in incoming releases and in order to do that, we’d really like to hear your voices on this topic before thinking in any possible solutions, because you are the core of DAppNode :love

Trying to ease the collaboration I’d suggest to answer the below two points

  • What data would you like to backup / restore?
  • Under what situations would would the backup /restore feature be used?
  • What for? Main goals / benefits

But we are eager to hear your thoughts anyway so…

What would you do to improve DAppNodes backup / restore capabilities ?

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For me I would like to back up both my general configuration (VPN, packages installed etc.) as well as my synced data for Ethereum 1.0 and Ethereum 2.0 clients. My main goal would be to reduce the time required to restore my dappnode in the event of a hardware or software issue wiping it out. I’m aware I could re-sync from the network to get the same effect, but a local restore will be waaaay faster.


Another possible goal would be to restore individual packages to working status in the event of a reversion or otherwise ending up in a non-functional state for that specific package.

-I would like to back up my whole dappnode (all the packages, chain, etc.) as I would make a backup of my personal computer.
-The feature would be used to make a backup incase my SSD fails so I would not have to wait as long for the ETH chain to sync
-For people with ISP Data Limits this would help to save on resyncing if you have to get a new SSD

I’m in the process of cloning my SSD to another to see if that works as a backup.


I would like to see these backup/restore functions within the dappnode interface.
For example, the settings menu could have a button to enable the backup with an interval (daily/weekly ). There could also be options to select what to backup and a option to backup everything.

Restoration could be done via a restoration button where you select the backup file and restore it.

To address the specific questions:

  • What data would you like to backup / restore?
    All configurations of dappnode, and specific installed packages. My focus would be eth1/eth2 packages.
  • Under what situations would would the backup /restore feature be used?
    I would like to have a spare NUC incase of hardware failure. I would like to have a HDD plugged into the current dappnode to backup daily images of my dappnode. If a failure happens I would like to install a fresh dappnode on the spare NUC and restore the daily backup to that NUC.
  • What for? Main goals / benefits
    Hardware failure is my biggest concern with validating for ETH2. If my system fails it could take weeks to order a new system and do a fresh SYNC to get my node up-to-date . I would like to prepare for this situation.