Setting up Grafana problem

Can someone please direct me how to set up Grafana correctly, as a noob.
On Prymont Testnet, when I simply click on premade prysm-prymont Dashboard, I getting this result:

But on the otherhand, my validator is working great, when I look at stats in validator itself.

Sorry if I missed something trivial, and if the question is too noobish, I simply never worked with it before :thinking:

At first I had the same issue as you but over time the data was updating and now it’s showing data for me. You still have this problem?

I had it this morning still (12-15 hours after posting).
Now I’ve uninstalled Prymont to do some other tests, so I cannot tell unfortunately.
But same happened with Medalla, for whole month maybe, as I was testing it…

Change the setting in the top right hand corner from 7 Days to a few mins. if it’s configured correctly you will see data quicker

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Thank you again @AJR for the advice, I’ll try that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also make sure of having DAppNode Exporter installed.

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I’ve menaged to make it work, but I’m not sure how, i just reinstalled it again before installing the Prysm. Thanks @AJR and @ruvenni :slight_smile: :pray:

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