Run 2+ DAppnodes in the same network?

Can you run more than one DappNode on the same home network without port conflicts?

Running two DAppNodes in the same home network is very hard because of the port conflicts and both of them fighting for control of the same UPNP.

It’s possible, but it requires to manually configure ports at least in one of them and we do not recommended it at all.


Where can we find more information about this? Is there a list of ports that would need to be remapped?

As the ecosystem matures, I think more cases will arise where people want to have 2 - 3 nodes in their environment.

For example, given the multi-day lead times to sync a new Geth node, people might want to get a new node running before they migrate from their old one.


Yes there is more information about networking in DAppNode documentation or in other forum posts such as understanding VPN.

As a brief summary of the ports needed in DAppNode:

 // - OpenVPN: 1194 UDP
  { protocol: "UDP", portNumber: 1194 },
  { protocol: "TCP", portNumber: 8092 },
  // - SSH: 22 TCP (Ignore)
   {protocol: 'TCP', portNumber: 22},
  // - Alt HTTP: 8080 TCP
  // - ETH: 30303 TCP, 30303 UDP
  { protocol: "TCP", portNumber: 30303 },
  { protocol: "UDP", portNumber: 30303 },
  // - IPFS: 4001 TCP, 4002 UDP
  { protocol: "TCP", portNumber: 4001 },
  { protocol: "UDP", portNumber: 4002 }

It looks like it is possible to solve some of the port issues by going into the files for the specific programs and editing them. For example:
Change default ports for OpenVPN:

However something like ETH, where each node needs port 30303 open won’t be fixed like this.