Ropsten Hardfork?

My Ropsten node is not in sync with the current Ropsten net anymore!
There should have been an update for this:

I assumed it would be done autonatically, through auto-update (my auto-update is enabled)! Shouldn’t it?
Is there a fix? Or have I to resyinc a new Ropsten node from scratch?

Thanks in advance

We have updated all the eth1.0 packages.
Sometimes the packages do not update automatically even with the auto-updates option enabled. This happens because of an error produced by IPFS propagation. (It can be solved by adding peers, In the last of this message I will explain how to add a peer)

Firstly, you can check if your version is the last version. Go to Packages > Ropsten > Info and check if the Version is : Version: 0.3.3 (v1.10.1 upstream).
If it’s not so,then go to the DAppStore and look for ropsten or go to this link http://my.dappnode/#/installer/ .

In case the package is not updated to the last version, the text button will say “UPDATE”. Click on that button and once again on the package view. After installing the package, the package will need a bit of time to resync.

How can add IPFS peer and reduce the probability that IPFS propagation happens and does not let the package autoupdate?
Go System > Peers:

  • You can share your peer link with another
  • Add ipfs peer

I give you my IPFS link, you only have to go to the link and been connected to your dappnode via VPN or wifi.

If you have some problem related to Ropsten, advice us.

Many thanks tropicar for your quick and helpful reply!

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