Root password yes or no?

Install instructions says leave blank twice. On screen instructions are quite clear… you need one.

So why is there a conflict? What IS the correct option please?

If you go past root without entering anything and then try and go back and enter something… the root section doesn’t appear again. (Using back and continue)

Hi @Blackswan, and welcome to our Community Forum!! :handshake: :blush:

Although it may look like that, specially for users that are not really familiar with Linux, there is no real conflict but two different ways of setting a managing a Linux based system.

The screenshot belongs to the Debian Linux installer, and clearly makes recommendations following Debian philosophy, very well known as focused on stability and security.

The install instructions are focused on setting up things quickly so they suggest to apply the easiest of the available options on the Debian Installer: setting root as blank.

That’s still a perfectly valid option, so it’s up to the user what to do.

I’m afraid I’m not familiar with Debian installer, but you may try to report it though their official channels if that seems convenient to you.

Ok thanks for answering I went ahead and left it blank. I have another issue but it’s in another are. OpenVPN won’t give me a file. I will look for info on that in forum.

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