Hello, I deposited ETH and RPL into the deposit address given by rocketpool.dappnode. I had successfully tested both deposit and withdraw from the deposit address. I deposited the minimum amount of each token required for mininode, I added my withdrawal address, and checked the blue boxes (stake RPL and deposit ETH). Within a few minutes, the tokens were moved from my deposit account into a new address, then another, then finally settled in a third 12 hours later where my deposit was combined with an equal amount of ETH and RPL to presumably comprise a full node. In other words, I can see my tokens sitting there, they haven’t been scattered or spent or otherwise lost, but I don’t have access or control, and do not understand what has happened. There is nothing on the Rocketpool-Dappnode wrapper that helps explain. The initial pull appears to have been a smart contract execution given the speed. Here is the public address for my deposit: 0x03711d6fd82E2625c0AA8BadEA2a96e4f740aC2E. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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