Restoring Grafana dashboards

After doing Debian update I had to reinstall Dappnode and in the process I’ve lost somehow Grafana dashboards. Where can I find json file with dashboards configuration? Or is there other way to restore dashboards?

If you added pannels, alarms, dashboards, etc in your grafana before reinstall dappnode. It is possible to restore that grafana’s configurations only if you exported that set up on a json before.

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Im talking about default dashboards. I haven’t added anything extra…

Not quite sure what you mean… If you reinstalled Grafana and the Exporter, the same dashboards should be there. Is this the problem: they are not appearing?

If you are referring to the historical data of these dashboards, if you haven’t saved them, I’m afraid they have been lost.

Exactly, I’ve reinstalled DMS only. Thanks for reminder about Exporter. Case closed :smiley:


Yay! Happy to help :fire:

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