Reset password for SSH access


Is there a way to reset the password for SSH access?

My DAppNode was installed off an ISO, and I seem to have lost the password. I would like to get into the CLI to see if I can install the monitoring from



I am guessing you have already tried with the default password s0.dappnode?

If yes, I will forward this to whoever can help!

Google how to reset root password in debian. Here’s one example

Follow instructions you will need direct console access to the machine reboot it and escape from the GRUB boot loader before the OS loads and then follow instructions to mount the file system and reset the root password. When you can access the console with root access you can then change the dappnode user password as well using sudo passwd dappnode because you cannot ssh into your dappnode with the root account. It’s been disabled in the config for security. But if you follow all the above instructions and reset the root and the dappnode password, you can SSH in using your dappnode username and password then elevate yourself to root by doing su - and entering the root password then you can get root access over ssh too.


I think it worked? It wouldn’t recognize sudo, but using ‘passwd dappnode’, it would appear I was able to change the password.

But I still can’t get in. Enabled SSH via the GUI, then used Core Shell to SSH into it via the IP address on the home network side (as in not the network on the VPN side), and I’m still unable to log in. It’s giving the error of ‘permission denied (publickey,password)’.

What am I doing wrong?

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During the setup workflow, the first time one sets up a DAppNode, it asks for a password for the admin UI, to save the recovery token, and then for a password for the host machine. That’s the root password.
I hope you found your answer in Discord - our monitored support channel! If not, highly recommended to go there