Ready to stake Eth on Mainnet! Dappnode does that with the use of a NUCi5 correct?

Love the software but I’m seeing different areas that I’m unsure of. It says the Medalla Validator is testnet - screenshot here -

And then for Prysm I’m seeing this -

Am I good to send 32 eth using Dappnode? Just making sure!

I think there isn’t main net Beacon/validator package yet! Don’t send the ETH!
You can test with the medalla Validator testnet package (the one of your first picture) using Goerli tesnet ETH -> not real ETH!

Hi @bdavey311

Medalla is kinda deprecated and Pyrmont testnet is the new place for testing.

If you update all DAppNode Packages to the last current version you should be able to stake in Pyrmont easily.

As a reference we have published a guide for staking on mainet (beware!) but you can us it as an example to learn how to do the same on Pyrmont (testnet)