RAM upgrade suggestions for Mini Dappnode

About the mini dappnode:

I’m thinking about upgrading its RAM to 16gb.

Does the NUC have a free RAM slot?
(I mean-> Have I to replace the 8gb card for a 16gb one or can I add an extra 8gb card in the free slot?)
What RAM cards do you recommend?
Do you recommend any guide or youtube installation tutorial video for dummies?


Hi @snoopyfan


I’m afraid I don’t know. We have barely played with upgrading hardware at the team.

Let’s see if someone else in the community have any experience and sends some advice here!!

I would recommend checking the manufacture’s (INTEL) support site for the product and see where it takes you. Once done, I’d check other resources such as tutorials.

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I’ll share with all of you my finding too. thanks!

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Seems that 8gb it’s the max ram capacity supported by the dappnode mini processor.

So, I’m no going to be the first to try :sweat_smile:

Phew! That was close!! It seems we were lucky to start by checking the manufacturer website before any other task

I’ve found reports about 16gb compatibility!

The guy is using 16GB of Dual Channel SODIMM DDR4 2400MHz G.Skill Ripjaws (F4-2400C16D-16GRS)

If some brave noddler wants to try please tell us! :grinning:

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And more testimonials. Maybe I’ll try it myself…

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Thanks a lot for what you are doing @snoopyfan!!

We’d really like to try this kind of hardware tricks ourselves at the team but we are super-busy with the incoming mainnet genesis :upside_down_face: :alarm_clock: :fire:


I tried with a cheaper RAM OLOy DDR4 RAM 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) 2400 MHz CL17 1,2 V SODIMM MD4S082417IZDC

and didn’t work…

next target -> G.Skill Ripjaws SO-DIMM DDR4 2400 PC4-19200 16GB 2x8GB

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