Prysm validator keeps restarting every few seconds

Hi guys, I’m new here :slight_smile: Just ordered and received a NUC a few days ago, set it up with the DAppNode ISO and installed the following packages:

– Geth
– Goerli Geth
– Medalla Validator
– Lighthouse Medalla Beacon Chain
– Prysm Medalla Beacon Chain

Took me around 24 hours to install and sync everything (except Geth but everything related to Medalla seems synced), I must admit it went smoother than expected. Now everything seems to be working fine except one thing: on the Medalla validator dashboard in the validator client status field, Prysm seems to keep restarting (“Running for: 1 seconds”, then switches back to 0 seconds).

At first, when Prysm was still syncing, I had an error message next to the field about it restarting too often, now it’s gone but it still appears to do so. In the Medalla Validator logs, I get the following message. Any idea how I can fix it? I already uninstalled Lighthouse package but it didn’t solve the problem.

`INFO  [prysm] time="2020-11-16 13:41:33" level=fatal msg="Could not get a lock on wallet file. Please check if you have another validator instance running and using the same wallet: failed to lock wallet config file: /prysm/.eth2validators/primary/direct/keymanageropts.json" prefix=node

ERROR [prysm] child process exited with code 1 ‘validator --medalla --monitoring-host= --beacon-rpc-provider=prysm-medalla-beacon-chain.dappnode:4000 --datadir=/prysm --wallet-dir=/prysm/.eth2validators/primary --wallet-password-file=/prysm/.eth2validators/primary.pass --verbosity=info --log-file=/var/log/validator.log’`

Many thanks!

Ok I just solved it by simply restarting the Medalla validator. I did try restarting Prysm Beacon chain unsuccessfully but didn’t think of the validator itself :man_facepalming:

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