Prysm v3.0.0 update coming soon?

I’m reading up on merge readiness for Prysm here (Prepare for The Merge | Prysm) and it says we need to update to v3.0.0. Looks like the latest package available is Version 2.0.0 (v2.1.4 upstream) as of Aug 30, 2022. When is a merge ready package version going to be available in the DAppNode Packages? Are there any other merge readiness tips or guides coming for DAppNode users?

Edit: I do see there is a 3.0.0 tagged version on github (Release v3.0.0 · dappnode/DAppNodePackage-prysm · GitHub), so I assume it’s forthcoming. Just curious when it will be available since the merge is coming up fast.

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