Prysm update 1.1.0 without rollback

Hi everyone!

I wonder how the Dappnode can upgrade to version 1.1.0, without having to do a rollback on Prysm version 1.0.5? Any insights?
Will there be a difference if you have staked already (and thus created a slashing database), or if you join in fresh without any attestations/validations?

I see the upgrade has already been implemented! Kudos for the team, really fast implementation! Sorry that I was so fast asking…
The question remains, when someone has to update the slashing database as well because of their history of staking, is it okay to just update? What happens to the missing rollback?

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Hey @Dapper!
It is totally OK to just update. Slashing protection db will be updated and everything will work just fine. The issue is if you want to downgrade from there (from 1.1.0 to 1.0.5), then you would need to follow their guide as the “new” slashing protection db would have to be “downgraded” to work with 1.0.5 -if coming from 1.1.0 or above.

Got it! Answers it all :+1: