Prysm problems and DNP update questions

Hi all,

This morning applied updates to Prysm Witti Beacon-chain package and DMS (liking the dashboard stats thanks!). The beacon-chain package though is not working properly and the validator cannot now connect. I saw there might be a Prysm specific issue though so will wait to hear. I’m seeing a problem in the beacon-chain with ENR and also the published gRPC address.

My concern though is about updates. I’ve been running Witti beacon-chain and validator for a while with no real problems, however I noticed that they have always been listed as v1.0.2 (0.11.3 upstream). So this is confusing firstly as it doesn’t match the prysm convention of (v1.0.0-alpha.x upstream). I see that the latest prysm DNP (not Witti) from you yesterday is correct showing v1.0.13 (v1.0.0-alpha.9 upstream). Also I can’t see your Witti prysm packages on github (was going to check config files etc), I can see the standard prysm ones of course.

So just feeding back that i can’t in the DAppNode manager currently easily determine if I have the correct versions of the packages for Witti (i mean I can and do check directly by looking at the docker images).

Thanks in advance!

We have our own version system using the Aragon Package Manager smart contracts, that’s why we have a diferent version for packages and we add the upstream version in the description.

We need to follow this versioning for our package manager to work, so you need to check package metadata to know the upstream version, sorry.