Prysm never catches up with the beacon chain

hi all,

i have an i7 cpu and 32gb of ram. my hdd is only 70% full.

yet my fully upgraded dappnode never syncs with the blockchain and the cpu is maxed out.

i am losing a lot of eth.

please help!

best regards

is it safe to assume you are running this on an NVMe SSD? Trying to rule out the obvious, but the Ethereum Beacon chain will not sync properly on a traditional hard drive. I’ve noticed errors recently (since late-December) that i’ve been struggling to troubleshoot myself.

Doesn’t appear to be much activity on these boards, perhaps Discord would be better option. I guess i need to check that out myself. Best of luck.

Actually, now taking a second glance at your image – if you just installed Geth on FEB 3rd, 2023, i am suspecting it will take a bit longer for your validator node to fully sync. That’s why your CPU is churning and working so hard, possibly crunching the Beacon Chain before you can have Prysm catch up? Again, these are merely wild / random guesses on my behalf.

Did this get resolved?

It looks like Geth is using a LOT of storage. You could check the Geth logs and see what those say. It will help you identify the source.

Alternatively, I’d suggest trying a different client, like Nethermind and see if it does better.