Prysm Doesn't Load Anymore

Hi there!

A strange problem. Prysm was running fine until last week. All of a sudden I can’t load it:

A few notes:

  • it appears my validators are still running fine on BEACONSCAN (Pyrmont) and have been attesting this whole time. Nothing strange there
  • I’ve restarted the NUC. No effect.
  • I’ve dumped my Prysm Validator Data and redid the onboarding process. No effect.

Any help would be appreciated!


There is a visual bug with this prysm/pyrmont version, it does not affect the performance. Prysm team told they will fix to the next release. Check your validator work in

Thank you! I’m glad to hear this is just a UI issue and not something more significant. Will be eagerly waiting for the next update!

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