Prysm beacon-chain HOST porst changed on service restart

In Prysm, port settings for beacon-chain i have “default” host port settings (32774-UDP and 32773-TCP), which have been opened on my router.

Everything worked OK, until I upgrade Prysm package. I found out that after the upgrade and service restart, port were changed to 32775-TCP and 32774-UDP, which were of course not opened in firewall.

Then I manually changed it back to 32774-UDP and 32773-TCP and thing started working again.

Is it possible to “hardcode” this ports, which will not be dynamically set after service restart?

Do you know what version of Prysm / Prysm Pyrmont package where you using at the moment so we can try and reproduce?

And what version of the dappmanager package too?

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