Prysm 2.0 update for dappnode?

Prysm has released their 2.0 and Altair has a hard fork on October 27, after which time validators will be punished for downtime penalties.

Will dappnode soon have an update pushed out so folk on Prysm can upgrade to 2.0?

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Certainly! Don’t worry, we got chu covered :wink:

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Hi there it seems the deadline is this Wednesday (the 27th) - when will there be a Prysm update ready? Thanks!!

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I can only see package 1.4.2 available to update in the dappnode dashboard

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Any update on this? My validator is still showing Version: 1.0.20 (v2.0.2 upstream) and I don’t see any option for updating available.

Oh sorry, looks like the upstream version is at 2.0.2. However, I’m seeing lower attestation effectiveness since the update, hovering at ~70% now. Previously always had 99-100%. Also seeing a lot of non zero optimal inclusion distance values on each epoch.

Some fluctuation is normal. Maybe you were connected to some peers that didn’t update properly. Expect it to rebalance soon. If it doesn’t in a day or two let us know!

Spot on. Back to 100% today. Looks like it was just some bumps in the transition.

How did you get that? My version is showing 1.0.17 (v1.4.2 upstream) after I just updated and can’t see my validator balance in DMS - have I gone off the fork!

Prysm should update automatically, but I think there is usually a manual update option in the config area if a newer version is available. Look in http://my.dappnode/#/packages/
If you don’t have the option to update, maybe Lanski will have a suggestion.