Proxy endpoint for RPC

currently as an app one has to (AFAIK) check which service is active - e.g. “http://geth.dappnode:8545”, “http://nethermind.public.dappnode:8545” or “http://openethereum.dappnode:8545

It would be great if there could be a “proxy” endpoint to remove the need for this probing. Ideally something like:
http://chain1.dappnode:8545” - this would also remove the need for a mapping - chainId->name
Also as dappnode knows which packages are active - there would be no need for probing

Currently facing this in WallETH and Sourcify

Hi @ligi
Previously we had the multi-client alias fullnode.dappnode wich pointed to the ETHCHAIN package.
Now, with the multi package approach, it should point to one of the selected Etherem clients (if any), but I’m actually finding some issues with geth in light mode.
Does this alias fork for you?

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Yes - fullnode.dappnode would also work for me as currently as far as I see only the main chain has the problem. But I think it would be more future-proof to go the chainX.dappnode way - this would also work for testnets and other networks when this comes up in the future.

btw.: what are the issues you face with geth in light mode?